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A common misconception in the modeling world is that one can only be a model if he or she is ultra thin.  The truth is, models need to work on their natural build.  Whatever your size may be, it is best to be true to that size.  The key is to be the best version of yourself as you can possibly be. 

Models need to be healthy and fit.  Good muscle tone and strength are absolutes.  Here are some ideas of things you can do to get started RIGHT NOW with a health routine.

  1. Exercise! Work outs that focus to lean out the muscle. Ideas for this type of work out are yoga, pilates, barre exercises, and SLT (strength, leaning, toning) training. Almost any kind of martial arts/boxing is also a good bet. Experts say that the more your mind has to work along with your body when exercising, the more your body gets from the movement.

  1. EAT CLEAN! Focus on incorporating healthy foods into your diet!

  1. Eat Breakfast, yes it IS the most important meal of your day!

  1. Water, Water, and more Water! Make sure you are staying rehydrated throughout the day. Drinking a big glass of water in the morning will help wake you up and get you on the right track after 6-8 hours of being deprived.

“You are worth it.  Your health is worth it.  Value your health and understand that it is about progress not perfection.  What one thing can you do today to move forward to become the best version of yourself?” – Ali Emly, health coach.  


There is no denying that Instagram is the hub of model media.  A social media that highlights photos and images makes perfect sense for a model to showcase him or herself.  However, the sophistication of social media can be taken way beyond utilizing Instagram.  

Taking on a career like modeling means more than having selfies posted every day.  A serious career in modeling involves an intentional method of branding.  Understanding how to brand yourself as a person of interest is an absolute must in today’s modeling universe.    


1. Be Real– Social media has made it possible for everyone to have a voice.  While that can be a good thing, it also means there are a lot more voices out there begging for attention.  Models must have a genuine show of self to be taken seriously.  Do not try to copy anyone and the skills that person may have.  Do your own thing.

2. Show all of your interests– Models aren’t just pretty faces anymore.  Companies are wanting models who represent a connection with their brand.  Are you an athlete?  Do you love to cook?  Are you artistic?  Show the world those interests and what you can do!  

3. Understand your platforms-Once you determine your style and brand, you need to select which social platforms will be more useful for you.  Remember, Instagram is vital for models but there are other platforms to consider such as Facebook, Snap, LinkedIn, among many others.  Each platform has its own pros and cons.  

4. Separate accounts?– One of the most common questions we receive about social media is whether to have a personal account and a professional account.  Most national scouts and clients prefer to know the real you and recommend that models have one account that is a great overall representation of you!



One of the sure fire ways to educate yourself on modeling and fashion is to read about the history and the major players in these industries.  This was a difficult list to nail down as there are plenty of great books revolving around fashion and modeling icons and topics.  However, we did our best!  We have compiled a list of the best books on modeling/fashion for you to run out and buy asap!  We recommend these books for our readers 18+. Here a list of our top 8 choices for information packed reads:


7. CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA by Maureen Callahan

6. THE BEAUTIFUL FALL by Alicia Drake


4. BECOMING by Cindy Crawfod

3. A NEW MODEL by Ashley Graham

2. THE END OF FASHION by Teri Agins

1. MODEL WOMAN by Robert Lacey

We hope you enjoy these resources!  If you have other ideas of great modeling/fashion books please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.