I love getting to work with Models and Images models. They break the stereotypes of the industry in that they are always punctual, always prepared, and always very pleasant to interact with. Working with M&I means that I have one less thing to worry about when putting a shoot together, and that is absolutely invaluable.

Aaron Patton- Client of M&I

M&I took me from having zero experience in the industry to bookings within a couple of months. They provided courses to introduce modeling that were extremely helpful and time well spent.

Jonathan Sesock- M&I Local Model

Alleigh and her staff are truly beyond amazing! They are knowledgeable in the industry and have a true passion for what they do! They are definitely the agency to have representing you!!

Melanie Babbit- Parent of M&I Model

“We at Alpha Promotions have worked with Models & Images for almost 20 years. They were the Modeling Agency that helped launch the Bridal Expo. Their continued expertise, vision and ability to remain at the top of current trends has helped keep our Fashion Stage as a top display for the many Bridal stores and florists participating in our shows. Thank you Models & Images for being a company that we count on and admire!”

Cindy Uloho- Client of M&I

“I started taking classes at models and images when I was 16 and they've worked to help me launch my career since the day I walked into their door. Since I've been with M&I, I've signed in Chicago, LA & Paris. It wouldn't have happened without M&I. Much love for them!”

Mady Tanner- M&I International Model

Great agency. Excellent staff. Safe environment for young models. Highly recommend.

Dorothy Mcpherson- Parent of M&I Model

This has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, my personality and everything has developed so much since my siGNing with models and images. They have always made sure to make me feel like I am important and taken care of, I would have never developed more or opened up without them and I encourage many to try it out even if they just want to come out of their shell a little!!

Konstance Harris- M&I National Model

A great, professional environment. This is an agency that truly has your best interest in mind.

Jaran Hedstrom- M&I Local Model

I had the pleasure of working with Models and Images recently as a freelance photographer. From the initial contact, M&I has been nothing short of incredible in coordinating a photoshoot with one of their models. They are so friendly and easy to work with. I admire the mission of Models and Images to not only develop individuals to become successful in the modeling industry, but to work on personal development as well. It was truly a great experience working with them!

Greg Rubbert- Client of M&I

As a business that has employed M&I multiple times we have always had a great experience. The models are timely and professional, as well as friendly and outgoing. Very easy to interact with and always a delight!

Laura Hannah White- Client of M&I

Working with Models and Images has been amazing! The benefits I have gained in my confidence and experience are worth the world and their training has set me up to continue growing. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering getting into modeling or acting.

Wade Inman- M&I Local Model

I seriously enjoy working with Models and Images! They have helped me progress my life in so many ways I cannot express!

Tyson Klaassen- M&I Local Model

I love working with Models and Images!! They are all so supportive and have helped and continue to help me achieve my dreams!! Without them my dreams would not be becoming a reality!!

Daisy Braungardt- M&I National Model

Everyone at M&I is amazing. You get a lot of 1 on 1 time with each person & they treat you so well. I started about a year & a half ago & have since then, signed 2 national contracts in LA & Chicago. Highly recommend!

Shelby Womack- M&I National Model

The Models and Images team are responsive and flexible. I worked with them to coordinate talent for an agency shoot. I highly recommend!

Kerri Voyles- Client of M&I

Models and Images is a great place to jumpstart your career as a model or in any profession where you are or will be the face for your company or organization. Models and Images helped polish my image into more than I ever dreamt that I could be.

Ty German- M&I Local Model