Model Monday- Wheel’s Up!

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Traveling tips FOR models FROM models.

A major part of being a national model is traveling.  Traveling the world can be a very educational and glamorous experience.  However, it can also come with its share of downfalls.  We asked some of our well traveled models for tips on how to make the most of the trips here and there that are generally required for national and international modeling careers.  Check out what some of them had to say!


Be very aware of your surroundings. Don’t listen to loud music in public (earbuds in, surroundings tuned out). Do not wear a purse on your back or carry valuables loose in your hands. Cross body purses and even with a coat over them are your best bet in areas that are heavily populated. Pick pocketing is HUGE overseas. Many will be a target because of the American tourist “look”.

Travel in pairs, especially if there are other models who have learned your resident city already. Especially overseas, memorize your local areas, because some street signs will have English, but not many.

Models are attractive, tall and approachable. People may approach you because of this, especially in Asian areas. Less so in more Westernized cultures, but it will happen. (A woman in Japan pet my hair once… just know it’s going to happen lol.)

Regardless, your safety and health are the most important. Do not sacrifice a purse for it.


If overseas, where communication costs are high, wherever you go ask for the wifi password. Public areas and restaurants, etc will all have it, even if not posted. Use wifi whenever possible to communicate, will save you a fortune in phone bills.

Use apps for texting, etc. Try not to use international data (holy expensive!!), it’s easier to avoid a data bill if you plan ahead. Good apps are: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger (oldie but goodie, everyone has it!), Voxer, Skype (Skype to Skype calls are free! Just make sure you’re on wifi and you can see and talk to anyone), FaceTime over wifi. Basically with these the other individual needs to also have the app installed.

Get the Google Translate app. It can read photos or live printed words through the camera lens and tell you what those words are in English. It’s not 100% perfect but it helps a lot in foreign countries.


Watch what you eat and where you drink. Go for bottled water. Even if the water is safe to drink, allow your system a bit of time to get used to it.

It is an insult to spit something out or turn away an item ordered especially for you, just be wary of who you are eating with and if you can do so (if you hate it).


Use the OANDA Currency Converter app, it helps a ton for real time idea of what you’re paying.

Before getting in a taxi, ask them approximately how much to get to your destination. Then they won’t take you on the “tourist” route… aka rip you off.

MANY things are able to be negotiated!! Especially goods in markets and services with no set price. Obviously does not apply to menu priced items or train tickets, etc. If you’re in an open air market for example, they all bargain. Try, it’s fun! Even if the price is XXX, just offer them slightly lower. Then go back and forth, it’s a fun experience!

Look for markets and grocers, they will have fresh produce for the best prices. There will be corner/convenience store locations too. They will be higher priced but all have safe to eat foods.”

Meeghan Hansen

“My biggest travel tip is to pack ahead of time, and when you get to your booking/agency, SMILE!”

Mady Tanner

“Don’t overpack!  Make a list so that you know you have everything and plan ahead!”

Shelby Womack

“Touching on little things like making new friends and finding places that aren’t touristy.  Also choose a place where you go to on a down day.  For me, I have always found a bookstore nearby so I have seen like 30+ bookstores all over the world!”

Maria Bradley

“Talk to local/people who live there to find out what to do for fun.  A lot of times their recommendations are more unique than something you find in a google search.  Also, book your flight 2-4 months in advance, if you have the chance, for the best prices.”

Gergana Daskalova

“Take extra even if the agencies say you won’t need it.  Pack small snacks and water ahead of time for outings.”

Heather Braungardt

“Make sure you MOISTURIZE before flying!! Your skin will thank you later.

When you’re in a new city, don’t be afraid to try new things, talk to people. become engulfed in the culture.

Always bring a swimsuit. No matter what. Always.

Before traveling to a new city, ask friends that have lived in that city or know that city well what are safe parts of town. safety is always the first priority.

Don’t procrastinate packing. Make sure you have cute outfits planned with the correct accessories. You’ll be taking lots of pictures so you have to look right!”

Madi DeVore

The major take-away here is that models need to be prepared for anything and anytime.  When I was modeling in Italy, it wasn’t rare to be alerted that I was leaving for another country the NEXT morning.  While it can be tiring and overwhelming, it can also be very rewarding.  It just takes major motivation and organization.